You’re here…now what?

Well, that depends on you. I’m here to act as your guide as we navigate your career, business development, and personal goals. Are you looking for support for your team? Team coaching is a specialty! You will chart the course, or goals, you wish to achieve for yourself, your business, or your team and I’ll help navigate you towards achieving them.

My specialties are in:



We’ll map out a journey that will help you take the steps to continue growing as a person while also providing you guidance on what to know to help you grow professionally.

business strategy

You have some amazing ideas for business. Let’s work on making them come to fruition. We can strategize, determine revenue streams, put a plan together, and put it into action.

team building

You want to bring your team together to focus on a specific project or goal, build team rapport, or to learn new skills that could help make them more effective in their roles. 

I’m shai boston

coach. speaker. leader.

Listen, I could continue to provide you my resume and a list of certifications. But the real question you have is: Why should you work with me? Because I’ve been where you are: trying to figure out the next steps in my career path; working through the challenges of my current position; wanting to strategize on my business ideas; and having personal goals I wanted to achieve. It can get overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing.