By now we all know how COVID19 has changed how the world functions and are just truly beginning to feel the devastating impacts. While trying to grapple with all of this, there are calls by many – even within the coaching community – for people to focus on their future, start to actualize some of their dreams in addition to conveying the thought that if one doesn’t accomplish something new while we’re in “lockdown” then they are simply not disciplined. But is that so?

It Makes Sense…Or Does It?

The notion that we have more time to do things because we’re forced to stay home seems logical to many. The idea and the reality are, in fact, two different things. Why?

Many do have the privilege of working from home, as their jobs may not be as impacted by the complications this virus is wreaking across industries. With that said, many are still having to balance having children at home that need to be tended to 24/7; others are caregivers to elderly parents or, unfortunately, to those who have contracted the virus. Others are struggling with adjusting to working from home, physical isolation (think of those who are single and having to be at home alone even more), emotional triggers that feeling isolated or limited in activity brings, and much, much more. Honestly, the emotions and trauma around dealing with COVID19 are too many to enumerate. With all that said, the mere suggestion that people who are not pursuing some of their goals – whether educational, professional, or entrepreneurial – at this moment are just not disciplined is faulty thinking at best. It implies that everyone should be ready to move forward amidst the most catastrophic international event since the World Wars.

Newsflash! Everyone is not ready to move forward. There are those who cannot move forward for numerous reasons – familial responsibility, lack of resources (financially and physically), lack of skill, just the sheer overwhelming thought of thinking about surviving day-to-day.

How Does One Adjust?

Adjusting to our changed circumstances is dependent upon where you are right now during this crisis. If you feel you are ready to dive into pursuing your ultimate goals, then go for it. If you need some time to process what’s taking place in your life, take the time. All of it requires discipline – meaning focus, determination, willpower, and self-control. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

  • If you’re ready to move forward, then start by mapping out your ideas. Do a complete brain dump of what you want your personal, professional, or self-employment goals to be. Brainstorm ways to accomplish them and the resources you’ll need. It could be a running bulleted list or just a bunch of random thoughts you jot down. Categorize or group those thoughts into like categories and start associating actions with them. Then, take the actions you need. Build a support system if needed to help you accomplish them, even with social distancing.
  • If you’re not ready to move forward, then take some time to think through your emotions. Give thought to your feelings and what is causing you to feel overwhelmed, emotionally distant or vested, triggered, or feeling hopeless or helpless. If possible, discuss your feelings with close friends or family that you know won’t judge you. Write your feelings in a journal. Limit the amount of news you are watching daily. Disconnect from social media and the negativity that can be found there. Do some light exercise like walking or stretches. Put on some of your favorite music and dance. Open the windows to your home and let the light in. In other words, take some minimal action each day that can help you in managing your feelings.

This situation with COVID19 is challenging, to say the least, for all of us. We may take different approaches in how we handle our emotions and goals. That’s okay. Do what you have you to and what works best for you.

And know that I’m always here to support you in whatever capacity you need.

May you have good health,